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What to Expect in Your 30-Minute Zoom Consult

During your initial consult, we'll talk about how to break through the specific fertility roadblocks you're facing.
  • We’ll assess your current fertility challenges
  • Based on your symptoms, we'll create a specialized roadmap to help you get pregnant (YES, it CAN happen—you're not broken!)
  • ​We’ll make a plan to help you avoid miscarriage and ensure a healthy baby
  • ​And more

$297 $97 for a Limited Time!

They Did It & So Can YOU!

"I am so grateful to Angela for helping me create my miracle family."

“My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a few years with no success. So I went and saw a fertility specialist who confirmed that both of my Fallopian tubes were blocked and the only way to conceive would be through IVF. IVF was not an option for us. 

In the midst of this search, a friend of mine told me about how acupuncture and Magnolia Wellness may be able to help with fertility. My sessions at magnolia were not only helping my body but also helping my mind. It became a form of therapy and allowed the stress and anxiety/depression just melt away. 

In May, I found out I was pregnant with my first baby! I had conceived naturally less than a year after doctors told me I couldn’t. I am so grateful to Angela for helping me create my miracle family." — Morgan 
“I just started the Overcoming Infertility Program and Angela has been so supportive. She outlines very clear and precise plan that is specific to you as an individual. Whenever I have a question or concern she responds in a timely manner! I look forward to working with her more throughout my journey."  
- Megan G.

"There is no sufficient way to thank you"

“Dear Angela, There is no sufficient way to thank you for all the ways you helped me and my new family. For me, personally, you gave me a calm, safe space with very good energy to take a breath from the crazy ride I was on trying to start a family. 

Your experience and professional expertise, along with your gentle, empathetic demeanor really contributed on a weekly basis to my overall health and well being. I’m certain that influence positively impacted my ability to get, and stay pregnant. 

Your continued treatment throughout my pregnancy kept me remarkably comfortable and again, gave me quiet time to focus on positive energy and outcomes. 

Though A came fairly early, she was and continues to be very active and healthy. She’s now an energetic 16lb little one full of personality. There is no doubt that you were an incredibly valuable part of our whole process. 

Thank you so much for everything." J, J, A

Hi, I'm Angela 

My name is Angela Sinnett and I’ve spent almost two decades as an energetic healer, acupuncturist, and herbalist.

I have a Masters of Traditional Oriental Medicine, I’m a California Board-Certified Acupuncturist, National Board-Certified Acupuncturist, Master Clinical Herbalist, Massage Therapist, BodyTalk Practitioner, and a NES Health Bioenergetics practitioner. Most importantly, I’ve spent my entire career cultivating treatments with love and understanding and illuminating the beautiful place where the depths of the soul meet the physical body. 

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Your 6 Month Fertility Journey Includes

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  • ​Customized Herbal Recommendations
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  • ​Weekly Live Coaching Sessions with Angela 
  • ​Supplement Starter Kit 
  • ​6 Months of Fertility Healing Content (including videos and downloadable content)